Garland Associates, Inc.

Proxy Solicitors

P.O. Box 2894

Palm Beach, FL  33480

Telephone: 561.827.1645


Garland Associates, Inc. specializes in assisting institutional investors and activist shareholders with proxy solicitation services. We have conducted numerous successful campaigns on behalf of our clients. We have:

* Ratified binding bylaw amendments,

* Achieved super-majority votes on corporate governance issues,

* Defeated excessive executive stock option plans,

* Blocked ill-conceived corporate mergers and restructurings,

* Secured substantial votes to "Withhold" on directors,

* Elected our clients' nominees to the Board of Directors,

* Completed tender offers for control of public corporations.

If you are considering using the proxy process to influence corporate governance, contest the election of directors or acquire control of a publicly traded corporation, please contact Garland Associates to inquire about our professional proxy solicitation services. Management has many advantages in the proxy process. Garland Associates can help you minimize management's advantages. Please contact George Garland at telephone 561.827.1645 or email